Douglas Hiatt has spent the majority of his career serving as a public defender. Most recently with Northwest Defender Association in Seattle, and with the Skagit County Public Defender’s Office; developing an acute appreciation for the injustices of our legal system. Hiatt’s concern for downtrodden victims of drug war aggression compelled him to enjoin private practice with deepening resolve.

As a member of the Federal CJA panel, Hiatt continues to take indigent clients in federal prosecutions. Hiatt’s long experience in marijuana law predicated his current association with the Law Office of Jeff Steinborn, renowned marijuana defense attorney in Seattle. A champion of the underdog and savior of the sick and poor, Hiatt has spent many years handling complicated medical marijuana defense cases largely pro bono. Although intended to protect marijuana patients, the passage of Initiative 692 in 1998 actually created a plethora of situations requiring delicate behind-the-scenes negotiations as well as bold courtroom strategies in order to circumvent certain legal disaster for victimized clients.

Recent developments in Washington State law have drastically intensified the legal struggles of persons who use marijuana with their doctor’s approval. Following the Shepherd Opinion, Hiatt has been inundated with complicated prosecutorial challenges on virtually every medical marijuana case now pending. His is the only attorney’s office expert in medical marijuana defense in WA State-defending disadvantaged clients on a shoestring budget-and he is becoming overwhelmed with the burden.